We help develop

Your constructions.

Are you setting up an investment plan you expanding your business? We will get your project to meet the requirements for sustainable development.

I need an assessment of

environmental impacts.

I need a decision or a final opinion from the EIA process for the issuance of a zoning decision, building permit and other activities.

I am not authorized to process EIA documentation

I do not have time to study the law on environmental impacts

I need to improve

the energy efficiency of my project.

I am looking for a solution to ensure the most efficient distribution of energy on my project, so that it leads to real energy savings.

I am not a specialist in the distribution of energy in buildings

I don’t know how to prepare ESCO and GES documentation

Solving projects for a sustainable environment

We help companies implement an environmentally responsible approach - by providing extensive environmental, building automation and engineering services.

Environmental service

Environmental impact assessment

Monitoring of environmental components

Environmental engineering

Building automation

Energy efficiency of buildings

Non-guaranteed energy savings (ESCO)

Guaranteed energy savings (GES)

Engineering activity

Implementation of surveys and elaboration of necessary studies by authorized persons for the needs of construction

Guaranteed satisfaction with project delivery.

Use our qualified experts to assess national and international projects. Our experts have worked on projects across Slovakia, Europe and other countries.

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We help develop your constructions.